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  • Patio on Lower Terrace
    Lower Terrace Patio

  • rustic patio with pool
    Backyard Includes Terraced Patios

  • Terraced Patios
    Terraced Patios and Garden

  • Mediterranean-style villa with pool
    Terrace Boasts Patio & Pool

  • A stone patio with a water fountain
    A Terraced Patio Houses a Formal Water Fountain

  • Terraced Back Patio with Dining Area and Grill
    Dining Area and Grill on Terraced Back Patio

  • Gray Outdoor Dining Table
    Terraced Outdoor Area With Patio

  • Terraced Backyard
    Terraced Backyard With Brick Patio

  • Outdoor Room With Sitting Area
    Patio Terrace With Stone Fireplace

  • Shaded Patio With Round Table & Wooden Armchairs
    Stone Terrace With Round Patio Table

  • Backyard and Patios at Night
    Terraced Backyard and Patios at Night

  • Iris, Patio and Pool
    Iris, Patio and Pool

  • California contemporary patio
    Contemporary Patio with Fireplace and Terraced Garden

  • Outdoor Patio With Fireplace
    Stone and Brick Patio Terrace With Fireplace

  • Mediterranean Brick Patio With Herringbone Pattern
    Mediterranean-Inspired Terrace With Herringbone Brick Patio

  • Pool, Patio and Exterior
    Pool, Patio and Home Exterior

  • Patio With Fire Pit and Koi Pond
    Fire Pit and Patio Edged by Koi Pond, Terraced Flower Beds

  • Mediterranean Backyard Dining Terrace
    Mediterranean Backyard Dining Terrace