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  • Mediterranean Courtyard and Pool
    Mediterranean-Style Terrace and Entertainment-Ready Backyard

  • Modern Yard With White Metal Arbor
    Backyard With Concrete Walkway and Metal Terrace

  • Backyard With Three Levels Viewed From Above
    White Deck and Terraced Backyard Seen From Above

  • Brown Modern Exterior With Backyard
    Modern Home With Subterranean Rooms and Terraced Backyard

  • An stonework path leads to a platform enclosure under the night sky
    A Stonework Footpath Leads to a Backyard Platform Terrace

  • Modern Backyard  With Concrete Walkway
    Modern Terraced Backyard With Concrete Pavers and Wicker Furniture

  • HGTV Dream Home 2016 Open French Doors in White Transitional Bedroom
    Framed View

  • Backyard With Stream
    Backyard With Hill and Stream

  • Urban Backyard With Patio
    Urban Backyard With Patio and Grass

  • Garden With Pink Flowers
    Garden With Pink Flowers

  • Yard With Saltwater Pool
    Backyard With Saltwater Pool

  • Rock Garden on a Hill
    Terraced Rock Garden

  • Flagstone Patio With Pergola And Swimming Pool
    Traditional Pergola And Swimming Pool With Palm Trees

  • Raised Pool on a Sloping Backyard
    Raised Pool Area With Fountain and Surrounding Garden

  • Traditional Terraced Garden by Lake
    Lakeside, Terraced Garden

  • Backyard With Stone Terraces and Perennial Shrubs
    Ornamental Perennial Shrubs Planted in Terraced Stone Beds

  • Swimming Pool
    Terrace and Pool in a Sweet Garden Setting