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  • rustic patio with pool
    Backyard Includes Terraced Patios

  • Backyard Terrace
    Backyard Lawn and Terrace

  • Neutral Contemporary Terrace
    Neutral, Contemporary Backyard Terrace

  • Terraced Backyard and Lawn
    Exterior With Terraced Backyard

  • A backyard paradise featuring a swimming pool with terraced gardens.
    Backyard Paradise; Terraced Garden

  • Terraced Backyard
    Terraced Backyard With Steps

  • Mediterranean Backyard Dining Terrace
    Mediterranean Backyard Dining Terrace

  • Backyard With Terraced Garden
    Backyard With Terraced Garden Beds

  • Small Modern Home With Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
    Modern Ranch With Terraced Backyard

  • Contemporary Back Patio
    A Serene, Contemporary Backyard Terrace

  • Patio with view of infinity pool and California hills.
    Terrace Maximizes Awesome Backyard View

  • Beachfront Backyard
    Beachfront Backyard With Lawn and Terraces

  • Mediterranean Home Exterior With Stone Arches and Balconies
    Mediterranean Home With Charming Backyard Terrace

  • Backyard and Patios at Night
    Terraced Backyard and Patios at Night

  • Contemporary Patio With Two Wood Chairs and Fire Pit
    Private Backyard Terrace Features Sleek Fire Bowl

  • Modern Yard With White Metal Arbor
    Backyard With Concrete Walkway and Metal Terrace

  • Backyard Covered Terrace With Bar Cart and Seating
    Fresh Green & Blue Backyard Covered Terrace

  • Backyard With Three Levels Viewed From Above
    White Deck and Terraced Backyard Seen From Above