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  • Asian Garden Tea House
    Asian Style Tea House Hidden in Foliage

  • Sawn Granite Walkway in Asian Garden
    Japanese Tea House and Sawn Granite Path Create Balance in Asian Garden

  • Tea House Garden
    Teahouse Garden

  • Kitchen With Yellow Tea Kettle
    White Kitchen With Yellow Tea Kettle

  • luxury home on private island
    Island Equipped With All the Amenities

  • Modern Dining Area and Kitchen
    Neutral Modern Dining Area and Kitchen

  • Guest House Exterior
    Guest House Exterior at Night

  • Pool and Porch
    Swimming Pool and Porch

  • transitional screened-in porch with wicker chairs
    Screened-In Porch With Comfortable Seating

  • Servants Call Box
    Antique Servants Call Box

  • White Country Front Porch With Hanging Ferns, Ceiling Fans
    Large White Country Porch With Wicker Furniture

  • Neural Tray With Coffee Mug and Book on Bed in Navy Bed Room
    Rattan Serving Tray in Navy & White Bedroom

  • Plan a Journaling Activity

  • A Vegan Cocktail

  • Alpharetta: Cool Digs

  • Alpharetta: Cafe Society

  • Marietta: Park It Here