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  • Apartment Patio With Artificial Turf and Wood Decking
    Combo Meal: Combining Synthetic Turf With Traditional Decking

  • traditional backyard
    Turf Steps Lead to Stunning Synthetic Field

  • Beachfront Balcony With Artificial Grass
    Blue Green Views: Faux Grass on a Penthouse Patio

  • Concrete Patio in Contemporary Backyard
    Drought Resistant Plants in In-Ground Planters

  • Synthetic Grass on a Condo Roof
    Hot in Cleveland: Rooftop Artificial Lawn

  • Artificial Grass on a Rooftop Penthouse
    Forever Young: Artificial Grass on New York Penthouse Balcony

  • Synthetic Lawn and Rooftop Entertaining Spot
    Barefoot in the Park: Added Square Footage With a Rooftop Lawn

  • Artificial Grass on Beachfront Patio
    Slippery When Wet: Artificial Turf Prevents Slipping in Outdoor Spaces

  • Large Artificial Lawn
    Sharing the Green: Artificial Lawn in Ohio Apartment Complex

  • Lounging deck and tumbling turf
    Raised Lounging Deck and Tumbling Turf

  • Coastal Pool Deck
    Coastal Pool Deck

  • Sport Court and Storage Shed With Green Roof
    Sport Court and Green Roof Storage Shed

  • Aerial Shot of Outdoor Patio With Partial Pergola, Lounge Chairs
    Sunny Chicago Roof Deck With Cedar Pergola

  • Contemporary Backyard With Open View and Concrete Patio
    Dining Area and Pergola in Contemporary Backyard

  • Wooden/Metal Pergola and In-Ground Fire Pit
    Contemporary Backyard With In-Ground Fire Pit With Fire Glass

  • Planters Inside Concrete at Contemporary Backyard
    Contemporary Backyard With In-Ground Fire Pit