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  • Grand Terrace Surrounded by Lush Gardens
    Grand Rooftop Terrace Boasts Stunning View Over Property

  • Gold Entry to Main-Floor Rooms With Seaside Views
    Entry Offers Stunning Indoor/Outdoor Views

  • Modern Infinity Swimming Pool, Pergola & City View
    Modern Home Features Infinity Pool, Backyard Pergola & Stunning Views

  • Open Galleria with Large Windows
    Gorgeous Upper Floor Galleria Looks Out to Stunning Views

  • Gorgeous Mountains Surrounds Mediterranean Home with Patio
    Mediterranean Patio Boasts Stone Fire Pit and Stunning Views

  • Hallway Landing With Bookshelves and Sitting Area
    Upstairs Landing Doubles as Small Library With Stunning Views

  • Contemporary Two-Story Home With Pool Terrace Overlooking Phoenix
    Three Levels of Stunning Views of the Phoenix Valley

  • Second Floor Balcony With Overhead Roof And Space For Relaxing
    Detailed Second Floor Balcony With A Stunning View

  • Fire Pit With Views of Colorado Rock Formations
    Stunning View From Gateway Canyons Resort Fire Pit

  • Modern Living Room With Hardwood Floors And Glass Walls Throughout
    Luxury Modern Living Room With Glass Walls And Stunning Views

  • Small Bedroom With Floor to Ceiling Windows
    Stunning Mountain Views in Bright Bedroom

  • Mansion Back Patio at Sunset with Mountain Views
    Stunning Mountain Views From Spacious Patio

  • Hollywood Regency Style White Bedroom With Deep Orange Accents
    Elegant New Traditional Style Off White Master Bedroom With Stunning Views

  • Southwestern Patio with Stunning Panoramic View
    Southwestern Patio with Stunning Panoramic View

  • Traditional Lanai Patio With Ceiling Fans & Waterfront View
    Lanai Patio With Cushioned Furniture & Stunning View of Bird Key

  • City View Living Room With Sectional Sofa In Front Of Marble Fireplace
    Luxurious Living Area With Stunning Skyline Views

  • Sleek Modern Kitchen With Expansive Window And Metropolis View
    Modern Kitchen With Stunning Skyline View

  • Contemporary Rooftop Deck
    Rooftop Deck With Stunning Bayside View