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  • Exterior: Nautilus Artist Studio
    Exterior of Artist Studio

  • Art Studio in an Outdoor Space
    Back Yard Art Studio

  • Backyard Office Studio
    Small Backyard Office Studio

  • Basement Music Studio
    Music Studio in Basement

  • Studio Space with People
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio

  • Art Studio in the Back Yard
    Back Yard Art Studio

  • Studio Apartment Modern Makeover
    Studio Apartment Modern Makeover

  • White Contemporary Kids Studio With Craft Table
    Stylish Kids Art Studio

  • Living Space with Music Accessories
    Custom Home Music Studio

  • Path to Art Studio
    Walkway to Art Studio

  • Studio Exterior
    Studio Exterior and Deck

  • Artist in his Studio

  • Studio With Bath: After

  • Inviting, Eclectic Studio Apartment
    Inviting, Eclectic Studio Apartment

  • Skylights and Metal Pipes in a Studio
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio Skyklights

  • Studio With Photo Gallery
    Eclectic Studio With Photo Gallery

  • Eclectic Studio With Bedroom
    Eclectic Studio With Gray Armchair

  • Backyard Office Studio
    Small Office Studio in Backyard