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  • Front Door Landscaping
    Front Yard With Flowers

  • Illuminate The Party
    Light It Up

  • Add Plant Labels for Herb Garden
    Add Plant Labels for Kitchen Countertop Herb Garden

  • Pet Party Buffet Table
    Pet Party Buffet Table With Candy Canes

  • Lantern filled with holiday string lights
    Whimsical Twist on Holiday Decorative Lights

  • Sweet pepper with small chile type peppers
    'Sweet Savour' Sweet Pepper

  • Ornaments and Tree Branch
    Do It Yourself

  • Green Ceiling Medallion Wreath With Red and White Striped Ribbon
    Ceiling Medallion Wreath With Striped Ribbon

  • Rooftop Garden With Lights
    Urban Rooftop Garden

  • Colorful Candy in Bowls
    Colorful Candy Combinations

  • Bench/Cat Shelter: Up on the Roof from Space Int'l
    Catify Your Home: Up on the Roof from Space Int'l

  • Excalibur Yucca Evergreen Perennial
    Dwarf Yucca

  • Winter Picnic Invitation on Kraft Paper
    Rustic Invitation for Winter Picnic

  • Halloween Wreaths
    Skeleton Style Wreath

  • Candy Necklaces
    Edible Jewelry

  • Curved Flower Border
    Flower Bed With Trench Edging

  • Thuja occidentalis ‘SMTOYP’
    Polar Gold arborvitae

  • Garland With Starfish
    Coastal Garland With Starfish and Sand Dollars