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  • Waterfront Stone House
    Waterfront Stone House Overview

  • House and Entry Overview
    Stone House and Entry Overview

  • Red and Stone House Exterior
    Red and Stone House Exterior

  • Stone House and Walkway
    Stone House Exterior and Walkway

  • Flowers and Stone House
    White Flowers and Stone House

  • Stone House Exterior
    Contemporary Stone House Exterior With Gable Roof

  • Contemporary Stone House With Wood Patio
    Stone House With Contemporary Pool And Patio

  • Bright White Cottage Bedroom Filled with Cottage Charm
    Charming Cottage Bedroom in Historic Stone House

  • Cobblestone Patio Boasts Bright and Comfy Seating
    Idyllic Outdoor Grounds Wrap Around Historic Stone House

  • Garden and Pool House
    Garden and Stone Pool House

  • Exterior of Open Stone Pool House
    Rustic Stone Pool House With Fireplace

  • Stone Mountain House
    Rustic Stone Mountain House With Porch

  • Stone Pool House and Pool
    Stone Pool House With Pool and Waterfall

  • Guest Stone House With Garden View
    Stone Guest House Surrounded By Mature Trees and Small Garden

  • Stone Home With Wood Shutters
    Evergreen Shrubs and Ornamental Grasses Add Charm to Stone Guest House

  • Stone-Clad Mountain House Entryway
    Stone-Clad Mountain House Entryway

  • Gray Stone Car Barn Exterior
    Charming Carriage House With Stone Exterior

  • Barn House and Stone Path
    Barn House Exterior and Stepping Stones