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  • Solar Stepping Stones
    Solar Stepping Stones

  • Pool With Stepping Stones
    Pool With Stepping Stones and Patio

  • Modern Home Exterior With Pond and Square Concrete Steps
    Floating Stepping Stones Lead to Modern Home

  • Contemporary Exterior With Stone Walkway
    Stepping Stone Walkway Leads to Home

  • Rustic Lakeside Exterior With Stone Stairs, Retaining Wall & Pathway
    Stairs & Stepping Stone Walkway Lead to Lake

  • Stone Walkway & Entry to Modern Home
    Stepping Stone Pathway Leads to Home's Entry

  • Contemporary Paved Patio With White Outdoor Dining Area
    Back Patio With Stepping Stones and Wicker Chairs

  • Mulched Bed With Array of Plants & Stepping Stones Next to White Fence
    Stepping Stone Walkway to Outdoor Shower

  • Traditional Garden With Stone Walkway and Lush Plants
    Beautiful, Lush Garden With Stepping Stone Pathway

  • Stone & Wood Exterior With Stone Stairs & Arched Doorway
    Stepping Stone Pathway to Home's Back Entry

  • Grass Walkway With Stepping Stones Through Landscaped Woodland
    Curved Garden Pathway With Stepping Stones

  • Modern Exterior With Stone Slab & Gravel Walkway
    Sleek, Modern Home With Stepping Stone Pathway

  • Barn Exterior With Stepping Stone Walkway, Green Lawn
    Stepping Stone Pathway to Renovated Barn

  • Cottage Stone Walkway With Surrounding Flowers
    Stepping Stone Pathway Along Colorful Flower Beds

  • Gray Stone Pathway and White Pergola Between House and Garage
    White Pergola and Stepping Stone Walkway

  • Green Home Exterior With Bench and Lush Garden
    Entry Garden With Stepping Stone Walkway

  • Gray Stone House With Small Slate Porch and Many Windows
    Stone Cottage With Pitched Roof and Stepping Stone Walkway

  • Gray Contemporary Exterior With Walkway and Green Shrubs
    Stepping Stone Pathway to Home's Back Entrance