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  • Back Facade of Colonial Home With Brown Shingle Siding
    Colonial Home Offers Charming Back Entry

  • Swimming Pool Walkway
    Close Up on In-Water Marble Tile Walkway Over Clear, Turquoise Water

  • Waterfront Home and Stone Path
    Waterfront Home Exterior and Stepping Stones

  • Garden with Stepping Stones and Pedestal Pot
    Japanese Garden with Wildflowers, Plants, and a Succulent in a Pedestal Pot

  • Neutral Mediterranean Pool Deck
    Enchanting Mediterranean Pool Deck Featuring Archways, Marble Tile Flooring and an In-Pool Walkway

  • Neutral Mudroom With Wood Floors

  • Mediterranean home with formal garden
    Stone Path Encourages Strolls Through Garden

  • Solar Stepping Stones
    Solar Stepping Stones

  • Mediterranean Pool Deck
    Luxurious Mediterranean Pool Deck With Marble Flooring, Dividing Pool Walkway and Decorative Plant Border

  • Concrete Modern Exterior
    Exterior of Modern Home With Wood Accent Panels, Concrete Walkway & Mulched Landscape