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  • White Starburst Mirror Hanging Above TV
    Starburst Mirror

  • Black Starburst Chandelier With Multiple Bulbs
    Industrial Starburst Chandelier

  • Contemporary Light Fixture, Shiplap Walls
    Contemporary Starburst Chandelier

  • Console and Starburst Mirror
    Console With Starburst Mirror

  • Dining Room With Starburst Chandeliers
    Dining Room With Starburst Chandeliers

  • Hall With Starburst Mirror
    Contemporary Hall With Starburst Mirror

  • Vintage Brass Light
    Brass Starburst-Style Light Fixture

  • Mediterranean Bedroom With Iron Bed
    Mediterranean Bedroom With Starburst Mirror

  • Stairs With Starburst Light
    Stairs With Starburst Light Fixture

  • Dining Room With Starburst Art
    White Dining Room With Starburst Art

  • Brown Dining Room With Fireplace
    Brown Dining Room With Starburst Chandelier

  • Gray Spa Bathroom
    Gray Spa Bathroom With Starburst Chandelier

  • Hall With Arched Door, Turquoise Bottle and Gold Starburst Clock
    Vestibule Archway With Gold Starburst Mirror

  • Tan, Green, White Stripes on Wall With Starburst Mirror
    Contemporary Frameless Mirror in Starburst Shape

  • Dining Room With Mirrored Buffet, Molded Chairs & Starburst Chandelier
    Starburst Chandelier in Midcentury Dining Room

  • Neutral Living Room With Rich Hardwood Floors & Grandfather Clock
    Traditional Living Room With Starburst Mirror

  • Chef Kitchen With Starburst Pendant
    Neutral Chef Kitchen With Starburst Pendant

  • Gray Art Deco Foyer
    Gray Art Deco Foyer With Starburst Chandelier