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  • Dining Room With Wood Area Rug and Wire Screen Art
    Contemporary Dining Room Is Simple, Yet Stylish

  • Wooden Table Topped with Flower Arrangements
    Native Floral Arrangements in Low Vases

  • A rustic dining table furnished with cushioned wicker chairs
    An Open Air Dining Room With Fireplace And Garden Courtyard Views

  • Midcentury dining room
    Midcentury Dining Room With Blue Hues

  • Contemporary Kitchen and Breakfast Room
    Open Kitchen Has Scandinavian Twist

  • Open Floor Plan Dining Room and Living Room, Exposed Ceiling Beams
    Rustic Open Floor Plan Dining and Living Room

  • Neutral Dining Room With Multicolored Accents and Wood Dining Table
    Eclectic Dining Room With Multicolored Accents

  • Seattle home with private balcony
    Stunning Private Balcony With Crisp White Railing

  • White Colonial Home Exterior With Back Deck for Outdoor Living
    White Colonial Home With Large Back Deck

  • Yellow & Orange Eat-In Kitchen With Dotted Banquette, White Pendant
    Contemporary Eat-In Kitchen With Polka Dot Banquette

  • Transitional Neutral Dining Room
    Sweet and Simple Neutral Transitional Dining Room in Chicago

  • White, Modern Dining Room
    Modern Dining Room in Unique Glass House

  • Contemporary White Dining Room With Sheep Sculpture and Red Chandelier
    Contemporary White Dining Room With Red Chandelier

  • Large, Contemporary Rooftop Deck And Bar
    Contemporary Dallas Rooftop Deck And Bar

  • Neutral Modern Patio
    California Home with Party-Ready Backyard

  • Neutral Modern Patio
    Modern Patio with Fire Pit, Outdoor Dining Room

  • White, Modern Kitchen With Island, Long Dining Table
    White, Eat-In Kitchen is Open, Modern

  • Dining Room With Large Mirror
    Small Modern White Dining Room With Large Mirror