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  • Smart Home 2016 Pantry With Open and Closed Storage
    Spacious Pantry

  • Garage With Golf Simulator
    Spacious Innovation

  • Gray and White Bathroom Vanity
    Spacious Vanity

  • Bathroom With Striped Mirrors
    Spacious Vanity

  • Driveway and Green Exterior
    Spacious Style

  • Pantry and Green Glasses
    Spacious Pantry

  • Mudroom has lots of storage.
    Spacious Mudroom

  • Spacious Cottage Sunroom With Ceiling Fan and Dining Area
    Spacious Cottage Sunroom

  • White Kitchen and Green Backsplash
    Spacious Cooking Area

  • HGTV Green Home 2011 Landing Stairs from Living Room
    Spacious Modern Foyer

  • Spacious Outdoor Kitchen
    Spacious Outdoor Kitchen

  • Spa Bathroom With Rope Chandelier
    Sleek and Spacious

  • Rustic Living Room
    Spacious Living Room

  • Transitional Chef Kitchen with Taupe Decor and Breakfast Area
    Spacious Transitional Kitchen

  • Screened-in porch with TV, Bar and Fireplace
    Spacious Sun Room

  • Cozy Window Seat
    Spacious Window Seat

  • Garage Art Studio
    Expansive and Spacious

  • Master Bathroom With Blue Stool
    Bright and Spacious