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  • contemporary pool with spa
    Spa, Swimming Pool Share Similar Details

  • Stylish examples of popular deck designs that enhance entertaining in your home
    Decking with Spa Pool

  • Luxury Pool Deck
    Pair of Spas Keep Pool Water at Comfortable Temperature

  • Custom Metal Cabana With Spa and Neutral Outdoor Furniture
    Covered Outdoor Sitting Area by the Spa and Pool

  • Backyard Pool With Large Hot Tub Lined in Blue Mosaic Tile
    Whirlpool Spa and Pool Combo With Raised Hot Tub

  • Indoor Pool With Paper Lanterns
    Indoor Spa Pool With Paper Lanterns

  • Spa and Pool with Stone Wall, Waterfall and Fire Elements
    Outdoor Spa and Pool With Stone Wall and Waterfall Feature

  • Mediterranean Patio Features Infinity Spa, Pool, Pergola & Lounge
    Ocean Side Patio Features Stunning Infinity Spa, Luxurious Pool & Elegant Lounge

  • Stylish examples of popular deck designs that enhance entertaining in your home
    Deck and Spa Pool Bordered by Raised Bed

  • Narrow, Contemporary Swimming Pool
    Lap Pool and Spa

  • Inspiring examples of solariums, sun rooms and other covered spaces with swimming pools
    A Sunny Side Room in a House with a Spa and Pool Combo

  • Mediterranean Patio With Fire Bowls, Pool, Spa & Arches
    Mediterranean Patio At Dusk Features Infinity Spa, Luxurious Pool, Warming Fire Bowls & Enchanting Lounge

  • Modern Patio Features Infinity Spa, Pool, Swim-Up Bar & Fire Features
    Sleek Infinity Spa & Pool Create Effortless Intrigue In This Chic, Modern Patio With Fire Features

  • Back of Mediterranean Exterior With Pool and Hot Tub
    Infinity Pool & Spa

  • Pool, Patio and Back of Home in Beige and Blue
    Luxurious Pool & Spa

  • Mediterranean Patio Features Dining Table, Chairs, Pool & Spa
    Luxurious Mediterranean Patio Features Ocean Side Dining, Infinity Spa & Stunning Pool

  • Modern Waterfront Patio With Infinity Spa, Stepping Stones & Fire Bowl
    Waterfront Patio Features Modern Infinity Spa, Pool, Stepping Stones & Fire Bowl

  • HGTV presents visually alluring styles of enclosed and protected swimming pools
    A Balcony Deck Complete with a Spa Pool and Dome Enclosure