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  • SOMA Design Studio Sitting Area
    Sitting Area at SOMA Design Studio

  • The Shape of Things

  • Durable, Elegant Oasis in Backyard Space
    Casual Materials in Backyard Space Create a Durable, Elegant Oasis

  • HGTV Smart Home 2015 Cedar Niche
    Wall-Mounted Television in Cedar Niche

  • Living Room's Dramatic Design
    Dramatic Living Room Design

  • Living Space With Blue Futon and Black & White Grid-Patterned Walls
    Modern Dorm Room With Multifunctional Furniture and Futon

  • Grand Old World Living Room With Hand-Painted Ceiling & Velvet Sofas
    Grand Old World Living Room With Hand-Painted Ceiling

  • Beachy Living Room with Wicker and Metal Furniture
    Wicker and Metal Furniture in Beachy Living Room

  • Lots of Seating in Light Inviting Space
    Light Inviting Space with Lots of Seating

  • A Pretty Palette

  • Odoms' New Modern Home Theater System
    Modern Home Theater System for the Odoms

  • Accessories Add Color and Texture to Contemporary Living Room
    Contemporary Living Room with Unique Artwork and Accessories

  • Rustic Contemporary Living Room
    Contemporary Rustic Living Room

  • Gallery Galore

  • Stylish, Rustic-Chic Living Space with Durable Materials
    Durable Materials in Stylish, Rustic-Chic Living Space

  • Modern Basement with Neutral Living Area
    Neutral Living Area in Modern Basement

  • View Looking Down on Living Room With Teal Wall, Stacks of Books
    Accent Wall Adds Dimension to Lofty Living Room

  • Bachelor Pad Living Room Accessories
    Bachelor Pad Living Room Accessories