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  • Small Gray Home With Metal Roof
    Small Farmhouse-Style Cottage Features Simple Landscaping

  • Large White Modern Home with Retaining Wall
    Minimalist Modern Hillside Home with Simple Landscaping

  • A driveway is framed by sculptures and trees
    Gravel Driveway With Contemporary Art and Simple Landscaping

  • Clean Front Yard Landscaping With Lawn and Shrubs
    Simple Front Yard Landscaping

  • Simple, Elegant Front Landscaping of Modern-Rustic Ranch Home
    Modern-Rustic Ranch Home's Simple, Elegant Front Landscaping

  • Contemporary Home With Tropical Landscaping
    Contemporary Dominican Republic Home With Tropical Landscaping

  • The homeowner took a
    Keeping it Simple

  • Retaining Wall With Steel Plates and Wood Boards
    Modern Landscaping

  • Large White Beach House
    Large, Luxurious Beach House

  • Front Yard Landscape With Small Shrubs and Small Red Tree
    Tasteful Front Yard Landscaping

  • Transitional Outdoor Space With Stone Swimming Pool & City Views
    Backyard Pool With Stone Details is Tranquil, Relaxing

  • Small Wood Porch With Outdoor Wood Furniture
    Rustic Porch With Simple Wooden Furniture

  • Contemporary Ranch Home
    Contemporary Ranch Home

  • Beautiful Surroundings Complemented by Sleek, Simple Backyard Design
    Simple, Sleek Backyard Design Complements Beautiful Surroundings

  • Pool Space Kept Safe with Simple, Modern Fence
    Simple, Modern Fence Keeps Pool Space Safe

  • Traditional Landscape Garden
    Backyard Oasis With Traditional Landscape

  • Gray Contemporary Exterior
    Contemporary Home With Minimalist Landscaping

  • Traditional Home with Tropical Landscaping
    Traditional Home with Tropical Landscaping