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  • Blue Armchairs with Swimmer Painting
    Beach House Sitting Area with Comfortable Chairs and Sunbather Painting

  • Hallway with Columns, Arched Ceilings and Door
    Beach House Gallery Featuring High, Arched Ceilings and Glass Doors Leading to the Shore

  • Lake Tahoe Vacation House
    Lake Tahoe Vacation House and Dock

  • Split-level space with living room on lower level
    Modern Beach House Living Room With Loft

  • contemporary beach house
    Contemporary Beach House in Turks and Caicos

  • Living Room with Beach View
    Beach House Living Room with Large Glass Doors, Overstuffed Armchairs and Hardwood Floors

  • Synthetic Lawn and Rooftop Entertaining Spot
    Barefoot in the Park: Added Square Footage With a Rooftop Lawn

  • Island With Yard
    Island With Yard and Pool

  • Craftsman-Style Home With Deep Front Porch
    Craftsman-Style Home With Deep Front Porch