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  • Shell Table Lamp
    White Shell Table Lamp

  • Dining Room With Rustic Table and Large Chandelier
    Capiz Shell Chandelier Trio

  • Coconut Shell Kitchen Backsplash
    Coconut Shell Kitchen Backsplash

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Turtle Shells Wall Display
    Turtle Shells On Display

  • Coconut Shell Kitchen Backsplash
    Coconut Shell Kitchen Backsplash

  • Conch Shell on Cushion
    Conch Shell on Cushion

  • ‘Thomas Laxton’ Pea heirloom shelling pea
    'Thomas Laxton' Shelling Pea

  • tiffany blue macaron shells
    Tiffany Blue Macaron Shells

  • Foyer With Shell Planter
    Coastal Foyer With Shell Planter

  • Guest Bedroom with Tortoise Shell
    Tortoise Shell in Guest Bedroom

  • White Shell Chandelier
    Detail of Capiz Shell Chandelier

  • Mediterranean Courtyard with Contemporary Furniture
    Patio with Abalone Shell Pavers

  • Bathroom With Shell Mirror
    Tropical Bathroom With Shell Mirror

  • Mermaid-themed Seashell Part Favors
    Personalized Sea Shell Party Favors

  • Blue Coastal Bathroom
    Blue Coastal Bathroom With Shell Mirror

  • Spa Bathroom With Shells
    Neutral Coastal Spa Bathroom With Shells

  • Styled Dresser
    Styled Dresser With Cowrie Shell Necklace

  • Coastal Bathroom With Shell Sconce
    Coastal Master Bathroom With Shell Sconce