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  • Seating Area With Sculpture, House Plants
    Seating Area With Armchairs, Sculpture

  • Modern Sculpture Garden at Night
    Modern Sculpture Garden at Night

  • contemporary garden with orange planter
    Sleek Sculpture Doubles as Planter

  • Outdoor Kitchen With Crow
    Outdoor Kitchen With Crow Sculpture

  • Breakfast Area With Cherry Art
    Breakfast Area With Cherry Sculptures

  • Purple Bedroom and Elephant Sculpture
    Purple Bedroom With Elephant Sculpture

  • Foyer With Wood Sculpture
    Eclectic Foyer With Wood Sculpture

  • Kitchenette with White and Gray Cabinets
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio Kitchenette

  • Yellow Hall With Sculpture
    Yellow Hall With Blue Sculpture

  • Sculpture in Grass
    George Rickey Sculpture in Grass

  • backyard with sundial
    Sundial Doubles as Garden Sculpture

  • Stone Sculptures on Coffee Table
    Marble Sculptures Atop Coffee Table

  • White Apple Sculpture
    White Apple Sculpture in Garden

  • Lego Sculpture on Table
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio Whale

  • Cube Sculpture in Garden
    Cube Sculpture in Garden Bed

  • Table With Horse Sculptures
    Sofa Table With Horse Sculptures

  • Architectural Stone Sphere in Field
    Outdoor Decor: Stone Sphere Sculpture

  • Skylights and Metal Pipes in a Studio
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio Skyklights