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  • Sculpture and Fence
    Garden Sculpture and Fence

  • Studio Space with People
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio

  • Pond and Bird Sculptures
    Pond With Bird Sculptures

  • Garden and Black Sculptures
    Garden and Black Sculptures

  • Bar With Antler Sculpture
    Bar With Antler Sculpture

  • contemporary ranch house
    Silver Sculpture Commands Attention

  • Outdoor Marble Sculpture
    Marble Sculpture in Garden

  • Stairs and Metal Sculpture
    Stairwell and Metal Sculpture

  • Sculpture
    Sculpture and Stair Railing

  • modern swimming pool with fire feature
    Fire Feature Illuminates Sculpture

  • Hall With Sculptures
    Modern Hall With Sculptures

  • Cabinet With Sculptures
    Black Cabinet With Sculptures

  • Lawn With Outdoor Metal Artwork and Uplights
    Rebar Globe Lawn Sculpture

  • Bookshelf With Sculptures
    Wood Bookshelf With Sculptures

  • Modern Cabin Foyer
    Modern Cabin Foyer With Sculpture

  • Boy and Girl Garden Sculptures
    Boy and Girl Garden Sculptures

  • Contemporary Hallway With Mosaic Wall, Black Sculptures
    Contemporary Hallway Features Beautiful Sculptures

  • garden with boulders and aloes
    Boulders, Aloes Form Natural Sculpture