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  • Outdoor Driftwood Sculpture
    Driftwood Sculpture

  • Sculpture Garden

  • Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture
    Kinetic Sculpture

  • Pink Seashell Sculpture on Bronze Pedestal
    Seashell Sculpture

  • Modern Sculpture Garden
    Modern Sculpture Garden

  • Silver Sculpture & Crystal Chandelier in Formal Dining Room
    Silver Spiral Sculpture

  • Modern Sculpture on White Wall
    Mirrored Wall Sculpture

  • Red Garden Sculpture
    Red Garden Sculpture

  • formal garden with elephant sculpture
    Eclectic Elephant Sculptures

  • Shelves and Sculptures
    Shelves and Sculptures

  • Front Porch Holiday Decor
    Wood Scrap Sculpture

  • Pelican Sculptures on Concrete-Topped End Table
    Distressed Pelican Sculptures

  • Shade Garden Sculpture

  • Wall with Grecian Sculpture
    Wall with Grecian Sculpture

  • Stone Sculpture in Garden
    Stone Sculpture in Garden

  • Studio Space with People
    Brooklyn Lego Sculpture Studio

  • Stairwell and Sculpture
    Stairwell and Spiral Sculpture

  • Garden and Black Sculptures
    Garden and Black Sculptures