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  • Mediterranean-Inspired Rooftop Patio With Outdoor Furniture
    Mediterranean-Inspired Rooftop Patio

  • Deck With Gorgeous Landscape Lighting
    Rooftop Deck at Night

  • Rooftop Escape with Plant Accents
    Rooftop Escape with Plants

  • City Skyline Enjoyed From Urban Deck
    Urban Rooftop Dining Area

  • Roof Terrace With Birdcage
    Rooftop Terrace With Birdcage

  • Roof Top Desk with Stone and Glass Spa
    Duchess Mansion Rooftop Deck

  • Roof Deck at Night
    Rooftop Garden at Night

  • Contemporary Rooftop Dining Area With Cantilevered Pergola
    Contemporary Rooftop Dining Area

  • Outdoor Bar with Stainless Steel Appliances and Wall-Mounted TV
    Full-Service Rooftop Bar

  • Rooftop Garden Apples
    Apples in Rooftop Garden

  • Urban Rooftop with Garden
    Urban Rooftop with Garden

  • Rooftop Garden and Bench
    Rooftop Garden With Bench

  • Sweeping City Skyline Views
    Urban Rooftop Fire Pit

  • A roof deck with shade, a fire place and downtown views.
    Rooftop Deck with Views

  • Penthouse Rooftop Terrace
    Miami Penthouse Rooftop Terrace

  • Limestone Home With Balcony and Rooftop Garden
    Balcony Features Rooftop Garden

  • Deck With Wood Privacy Wall, Small Garden and Contemporary Furniture
    Urban Rooftop Deck Garden

  • Rooftop Entertaining Deck
    Rooftop Entertaining Deck With Kitchen