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  • Tiki Barber's Red and Gold Christmas Tree
    Tiki Barber's Christmas Tree Reveal

  • Dessert Table for Christmas Party
    Tiki Barber's Holiday Dessert Table

  • DIY Glitter Ornaments
    Tiki Barber Makes Christmas Ornaments

  • Tikit Barber and Robin Baron
    Tiki Barber's Holiday Home Transformation

  • Holiday Party Dessert Table
    Holiday Dessert Table at Tiki Barber's Home

  • Ornate Valance in Country Kitchen
    Ornate Valance in Country Kitchen

  • Christmas Garland on Staircase
    Tiki Barber's Holiday Decorations

  • Living Room With Red Christmas Decor
    Tiki Barber’s Celebrity Holiday Home

  • Traditional Foyer Decorated for Christmas
    Tiki Barber's Holiday Foyer

  • Christmas Presents With Red Wrapping Paper
    Tiki Barber's Holiday Home Decor

  • Red Christmas Tree
    Tiki Barber's Stunning Red Christmas Tree

  • Tiki Barber on Staircase With Christmas Garland
    Tiki Barber's Celebrity Holiday Home

  • Buffet Table With Christmas Decor
    Tiki Barber's Christmas Decor

  • Red and Gold Christmas Ornaments
    Tiki Barber's Red and Gold Christmas Tree

  • Tiki Barber and Traci Lynn Johnson
    Tiki Barber With His Wife Under the Mistletoe

  • Mantel With Red and Green Christmas Decor
    Tiki Barber's Festive Red Christmas Trees and Fireplace Mantel

  • Wreath With Metallic Bow
    Evergreen Wreath With Metallic Bow

  • Kitchen and Dining Area
    Kitchen and Dining Area With Stone Tile Backsplash