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  • White Modern Patio and Exterior
    Modern Home and Patio with Retractable Walls

  • White Transitional Dining Room
    Transitional Dining Room with Ceiling Dome, Retractable Wall

  • Master Bedroom with Fully Retractable Third Wall
    Fully Retractable Third Wall in Master Bedroom

  • Neutral Modern Open Living/Dining Room
    Exterior View of Open Design Living and Dining Room With Retractable Walls

  • Retractable Glass Walls in Modern Master Suite
    Modern Master Suite with Outdoor Sitting Area and Retractable Glass Walls

  • Modern Farmhouse Bedroom With White Furnishings And Ceiling
    Modern White Farmhouse Bedroom With Retractable Window Wall And Exposed Beams And Rafters

  • Modern Farmhouse With Outdoor Sitting Area And Contemporary Chairs
    Modern Farmhouse With Retractable Window Wall And Outdoor Sitting Area With Contemporary Woven Chairs

  • Retractable Clothesline
    Retractable Clothesline

  • Library with Modern Design and Retractable Screen
    Modern Library with Retractable Screen

  • Contemporary Modern Master Suite
    Contemporary Master Bedroom With Retractable Doors

  • Retractable Windows in Modern Master Suite
    Modern Master Suite with Retractable Windows

  • Open-Air Living Room With Stone Fireplace, Access to Balcony
    Rustic Open-Air Living Room With Retractable Doors

  • Living Room Opening to Backyard
    Pocket Windows Retract to Reveal Views of Pool, Pacific Ocean

  • Large Square Dining Table and White Chairs in Dining Room
    Neutral Contemporary Dining Room With Ocean Views

  • White Contemporary Outdoor Dining Room
    White, Contemporary Covered Patio with Dining Table

  • Modern Kitchen Connected to Outdoor Room
    Sleek Modern Kitchen and Deck

  • Great Room with Fireplace and Artwork
    Spacious, Bright Great Room with Large Windows

  • Modern Outdoor Dining Room
    Modern Outdoor Dining Room with Heaters