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  • Sweater Pillows and Rustic Tray
    Rustic Tray From Repurposed Cabinet Door

  • Repurposed Cabinets in Renovated Kitchen and Living Room
    Renovated Kitchen and Living Rooms with Repurposed Cabinets

  • Custom, Rustic Look in Remodeled Kitchen with Repurposed Cabinets
    Repurposed Cabinets Give Remodeled Kitchen a Custom, Rustic Look

  • Gray Bathroom With Black Vanity, White Vessel Sink and Black Mirror
    Transitional Bathroom With Repurposed Vanity Cabinet

  • Pink Storage Table In Blue And White Striped Family Room With White Lamps
    Repurposed Coral Cabinet As Game Storage In Family Room

  • Coral Cabinet
    Coral Cabinet

  • Little Girl's Dresser Made from Antique China Cabinet
    Antique China Cabinet Repurposed Into Little Girl's Dresser

  • Dark Brown Accented Rustic Bathroom
    Rustic Bathroom with Repurposed Desk

  • Rustic, Antique Kitchen with Repurposed Wood
    Rustic, Antique Kitchen with Repurposed Wood

  • Oak barrels made into seats
    Outdoor Theater With Repurposed Wood Barrel Seating

  • Visually Interesting Remodeled Kitchen with Repurposed Items
    Repurposed Items Create Visually Interesting Remodeled Kitchen

  • Remodeled Kitchen with Repurposed Open Shelving
    Repurposed Open Shelving Adds Storage to Remodeled Kitchen

  • White Kitchen Cabinets
    Traditional Kitchen With White Cabinets

  • Maple Double Vanity With Brass Hardware
    Double Vanity With Vintage Maple Cabinets

  • Gray Transitional Bathroom With Maple Vanity
    Double Vanity Features Vintage Maple Cabinets

  • Bed With TV Cabinet
    Twin Bed With TV Cabinet in Small Space

  • Smoother, Cleaner Look in Kitchen Due to Reconfigured Cabinet
    Reconfigured Cabinets Create a Smoother, Cleaner Look in the Kitchen

  • Smooth, Streamlined Look Created with Rearranging Shelves
    Rearranging Shelves Creates a Smooth, Streamlined Look