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  • White Contemporary Foyer
    White, Contemporary Foyer in Renovated Farmhouse

  • Gray Contemporary Shower
    Gray Marble Shower in Renovated Farmhouse

  • Gray Modern Living Room
    Gray, Modern Living Room in Renovated Farmhouse

  • White Dining Room and Kitchen
    White Dining Room, Kitchen in Renovated Farmhouse

  • White Modern Dining Room
    White, Modern Dining Room in Renovated Farmhouse

  • Green Traditional Window Seat
    Green Traditional Window Seat in Renovated Farmhouse

  • Green Apron Sink
    Green Marble Apron Sink in Renovated Farmhouse Kitchen

  • Pair of Farmhouse Sconces
    Kitchen Renovation With Farmhouse Sconces

  • Neutral Home Exterior with White Covered Patio
    Neutral Farmhouse Home Exterior with White Covered Patio

  • Modern Farmhouse with Pool
    Modern Farmhouse Renovation Aerial View

  • Farmhouse Kitchen With Gray Cabinets
    Farmhouse Kitchen With Double Oven

  • Renovated Kitchen with Double Farmhouse Sinks
    Double Farmhouse Sinks in Renovated Kitchen

  • Farmhouse Style Home with Stone Steps and Evergreen Trees
    Maine Farmhouse Hideaway

  • Black Modern Living Space
    Reading Nook in Renovated New York Farmhouse

  • Green Eclectic Sunroom
    Eclectic Sunroom in Renovated New York Farmhouse

  • Modern Kitchen Boasts a White Farmhouse Sink
    Excellent Flip: White Farmhouse Sink in Renovated Kitchen

  • Fireplace in Gray Kitchen
    Farmhouse Kitchen With Fireplace

  • Kitchen With Patterned Tile
    Farmhouse Kitchen With Patterned Tile