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  • Wet Bar
    Small Space Holiday Decorating Ideas

  • Wet Bar
    Wet Bar With Dark Wood Cabinetry

  • Wet Bar
    Stylish Wet Bar With Dark Cabinetry and Granite Countertops

  • Kitchen Appliances and Blue Cabinets
    First-Rate Appliances

  • Chef Kitchen With Miele Oven
    Contemporary Chef Kitchen With Miele Oven

  • Cocktail Lounge With Blue Chairs
    Cocktails and Conversation

  • Outdoor Kitchen With Grilling Station
    Outdoor Kitchen With Gourmet Grill Station

  • A Girl Retrieves Lunch Items From Refrigerator
    A Girl Packs Her Lunch in an Insulated Lunch Bag

  • Outdoor Kitchen With Grill & Stainless Countertop
    Contemporary Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen With Grill

  • Specialized Fridge Storage Zones
    Specialized Fridge Storage Zones

  • Cabinet Wall
    High-Gloss Cabinet Wall in Contemporary Kitchen

  • Cabinet Hidden Appliances
    Concealing Cabinetry

  • Expansive Marble Kitchen With Classic Lines and Vaulted Ceiling
    A Penthouse Kitchen With Infinite Style

  • Outdoor Kitchen with Griall and Pizza Oven
    Outdoor Kitchen With Pizza Oven

  • Classic Cooking Area With Stone Base
    Classic-Style Grill in Natural Stone Base

  • Kitchen Island
    Kitchen Island With Handy Storage Features

  • Outdoor Kitchen
    Outdoor Dining Area With Complete Kitchen and Telescoping Wall

  • Chef Kitchen With Two Ovens
    Neutral Transitional Chef Kitchen With Two Ovens