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  • Modern Charcoal Gray Bedroom With Tall Mirror
    Sophisticated Gray Master Bedroom With Chandelier

  • Private courtyard comprised of wood and stone
    Modern Courtyard Includes Stone Surround

  • Patio and L-Shaped Pool
    Modern Patio and L-Shaped Pool

  • Front Yard With Path
    Front Yard With Path

  • Roof Top Desk with Stone and Glass Spa
    Duchess Mansion Rooftop Deck

  • Kitchen With Wood Cabinets and Connecting Hallway With Wood Flooring
    Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen With Connecting Hallway

  • Midcentury modern sitting room
    Midcentury Modern Sitting Room Features Marbled Ceiling

  • Orange Urn on Wood Credenza With Mirrored Panels
    Dining Room Credenza Reflects Creative Color Choices

  • Outdoor space with bench, lanterns
    Eclectic Outdoor Space Includes Cushioned Bench, Copper Lanterns

  • Foyer
    Elegant Victorian Foyer with Mirrored Wall and Loveseat

  • Modern Backyard Patio With Kitchen & Brown Chairs
    Modern Backyard Features Outdoor Kitchen & Sitting Area

  • Gray and Yellow Contemporary Living Space With Mirrored Wall
    Luxe Living Space With Floating Benches and Shimmery Gold End Table

  • Gray Modern Media Room
    Gray Modern Media Room With Sectional

  • Eclectic-Midcentury Modern Living Room with Pastel Pops of Color
    Pastel Pops Reflect Bold Colors in Eclectic-Midcentury Modern Living Room

  • Casual Jam Session

  • A Nautical Bust Sitting On a Shiny Black Table
    Gray Nautical Bust Reflecting on Shiny Black Table

  • Neutral Bathroom With Wood Vanity, Large Mirror and Chandelier
    Transitional Bathroom Looks Chic With Dark Wood Vanity

  • Courtyard with gothic arches.
    Mediterranean Courtyard Showcases Gothic Arches