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  • Redwood Fence and Gate
    Redwood Fence With Gate

  • Driveway and Fence
    Driveway and Redwood Fence

  • Bocce Court and Fence
    Bocce Court and Redwood Fence

  • Backyard With Redwood Fence
    Modern Backyard With Redwood Fence

  • Backyard With Geometric Plantings
    Backyard With Geometric Landscaping

  • Porch With Wood Slats
    Front Porch With Wood Slats

  • Dining Area With Concrete Patio
    Outdoor Dining Area With Concrete Patio

  • Patio With Wood Pergolas
    Concrete Patio With Wood Pergolas

  • Raised Kitchen Gardens
    Raised Gardens in Yard

  • Mid-Century Eichler Home Renovation
    Patio with Blue Tile Fountain

  • Patio Lounge With Redwood Deck, Outdoor Seating and Kitchen With Bar
    Contemporary Outdoor Lounge Area With Redwood Deck

  • Pergola-Shaded Backyard Patio With Dining Area
    Backyard Patio Dining Area With Redwood Pergola

  • Fenced Backyard Dining Area and Kitchen With Pergola
    Pergola-Shaded Outdoor Dining Room With Kitchen

  • A private patio filled with greenery.
    Berstler Flower Studio