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  • Backyard Wood Deck With Aluminum Railing and French Doors
    Beach Home Exterior With Raised Deck

  • Front Elevation of Coastal Cottage
    Coastal Home Is Raised for Flood Protection

  • Home Exterior With Landscaping
    Lushly Landscaped Southern Coastal Home

  • Steel Raised Planters
    Raised Steel Planters

  • Raised Metal Garden Beds
    Raised Steel Garden Beds

  • Porch and Raised Garden
    Porch and Raised Garden

  • Backyard Raised Garden Beds
    Backyard Raised Garden Beds

  • Renovated Living Room With Hardwood Flooring
    Living Room With Raised Ceiling

  • Vegetable Garden and Shed
    Vegetable Garden in Raised Beds

  • Back of Mediterranean-Style House With Pool and Hot Tub
    Swimming Pool and Raised Hot Tub

  • Raised Stone Patio With Outdoor Kitchen Surrounded by Landscaping
    Raised Barbeque Patio With Outdoor Kitchen

  • White Mediterranean Foyer With Wood Flooring and Archway
    Raised Mediterranean Foyer With Wood Floors

  • Lounging deck and tumbling turf
    Raised Lounging Deck and Tumbling Turf

  • Deck With Orange and Red Flowers
    Backyard Deck With Raised Flower Beds

  • Rectangle Raised Vegetable Garden Bed
    White Rectangle Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

  • Stone Patio With Raised Fire Pit
    Stone Patio With Raised Fire Pit

  • Great Room With Doors Raised
    Great Room With Garage Doors Raised

  • Modern Patio and Fire Pit
    Modern Patio With Raised Fire Pit