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  • Camellia sasanqua
    Pink Perplexion Camellia

  • Flowering Shrub By Gate
    Black Lace Elderberry

  • Clematis Seedheads
    ‘Rouge Cardinal’ Clematis

  • Homegrown Peaches On Tree
    Peach Scab Disease

  • Vitex Pollinator Plant
    Flip Side Chaste Tree

  • Fragrant Summer Clematis
    ‘Sweet Summer Love’ Clematis

  • English Rose 'Thomas a Becket'
    English Rose 'Thomas a Becket'

  • Ice Blue Vining Clematis
    ‘Diamond Ball’ Clematis

  • Garden Knife And Perennial Divider
    Plant Dividing Tools

  • Purple Clematis Vine
    ‘The President’ Clematis

  • Flowering Vine For Hummingbirds
    Trumpet Vine

  • Native Shrub Fall Color
    Scarlet Beauty Sweetspire

  • Hops For Pale Ale
    ‘Cascade’ Hops Vine

  • Plant Bug True Bug
    Four-Lined Plant Bug