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  • Fig 'Black Jack'
    Fig 'Black Jack'

  • Low Maintenance Dwarf Evergreen Shrub
    Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae

  • Red Clematis Flower Vine
    ‘Red Cardinal’ Clematis

  • Purple Clematis Flower
    ‘Jackmannii’ Clematis

  • White Flowering Vine
    Avalanche Evergreen Clematis

  • Dwarf Alberta Spruce (Picea glauca ‘Conica’)
    Spiral Dwarf Alberta Spruce In Landscape

  • Buddleia ‘Miss Ruby’
    ‘Miss Ruby’ Butterfly Bush

  • Cotoneaster dammeri ‘Eichholz’
    ‘Eichholz’ Cotoneaster

  • Pink Vining Clematis
    Pink Mink Clematis

  • Coleus 'Sun Rose To Lime Magic'
    Coleus 'Sun Rose To Lime Magic'

  • Eyeconic 'Mango Lemonade' Floribunda Rose
    Eyeconic 'Mango Lemonade' Floribunda Rose

  • Ivy Surrounding Window
    Ivy Surrounding Window

  • Mulching Island Around a Magnolia Tree
    Mulch Island Around a Magnolia Tree

  • Tomato That Doesn’t Ripen Properly
    Tomato With Sunscald

  • White and Pink English Rose 'Tranquillity'
    English Rose 'Tranquillity'

  • chrysanthemums

  • Hedge Maple
    Jade Patina Hedge Maple

  • Garden Whimsy
    Dwarf Alberta Spruce With Hat