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  • Apple Green Christmas Garland
    Preserved Boxwood Christmas Garland

  • Victorian mansion
    Preserved Victorian in Highland Park, Ill.

  • Modern Entry of Galisteo Preserve
    Galisteo Preserve Modern Entry

  • Create more light in your non-open-floor-plan with large doorways.
    Preserve The Light--Doorway

  • Raspberry Jam With Soft Baked Brie Recipe
    Baked Brie With Raspberry Preserves

  • Sitting Room With Green Life Preservers
    Coastal Sitting Room With Green Life Preservers

  • Easy Tartine Recipe With Goat Cheese, Prosciutto and Fig Preserves
    Goat Cheese, Prosciutto and Fig Preserves Tartine

  • Southern Charm Preserved with Locally Sourced, Vintage Furniture
    Locally Sourced, Vintage Furniture Preserves Porch's Southern Charm

  • Wood Crib With Lobster Fitter Sheet, Red Basket
    Traditional Crib With Nautical Sheet, Life Preserver Pillow

  • Cantilevered Second Story Home Addition With Balcony
    Cantilevered Structure Offers Extra Bedroom While Preserving Outdoor Living Space

  • Christmas Wreath Hanging over Mantle
    Christmas Boxwood Wreath

  • Wood-Paneled Room With Pink Armchairs, Bar Cart & Dog
    Cozy Living Room With Bar Cart

  • Fireplace with Architectural Molding
    Pre-War Style Apartment Fireplace

  • Modern Wall Hanging Terrarium
    Modern Wall Hanging Terrarium

  • Gray Living Area With Medallions
    Gray Transitional Living Area With Medallions

  • Victorian Foyer
    Wood Paneled Foyer

  • Large Parking Area Behind Two-Story Home
    Pasadena Estate With Plenty of Parking

  • Pink Master Bedroom with Two Green Plant Wall Hangings
    Eclectic Pink Master Bedroom with Two Persevered-Plant Wall hangings