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  • Modern Master Bath Shower
    Modern Master Bath Shower

  • Patio with umbrella and two chairs
    Traditional Patio Seating

  • Aerial View of Succulent and Cactus on Small Coffee Table
    Add Greenery to Small Spaces

  • Ideas for plantings around your swimming pool borders
    Connecting Pools with Wooden Bridge

  • Contemporary Breakfast Nook With Ocean Views
    Oceanfront Breakfast Nook

  • Large Comfy Couch In Cream Colors With Glass Coffee Table
    Large Living Room with Calming Neutral Colors

  • Contemporary Rooftop Terrace With Gray Tile
    Contemporary Rooftop Terrace Overlooks City

  • Green Plants And Trees With Outdoor Stake Lights
    Historic Home With A Formal Backyard Garden

  • Red Tile Patio With Potted Plants & Pergola
    Patio: Historic Prairie House in Riverside, Ill.

  • Black & White Conference Room With Polished Table, Modern Chandelier
    Swanky Conference Room

  • Create a green space on your balcony from our wide array of urban garden ideas
    Balcony with Green Space and Relaxation Areas

  • Beasley Powder Room
    Beasley Powder Room

  • Fresh Guest Towels and Flowers

  • Hanging Garden
    Hanging Small-Space Garden With Natural Wood Shelves

  • Midcentury Living Room With Tree
    Neutral Midcentury Modern Living Room With Tree

  • Southwestern Breezeway With Terracotta Tile, Exposed White Beam
    Southwestern-Inspired Breezeway With Lush Plants

  • Red Twig Dogwood
    Container Dogwoods

  • contemporary outdoor space
    Contemporary Lounge Takes Cues From Ocean