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  • Silver Art Deco Powder Room
    Silver Art Deco Powder Room With Portraits

  • Silver Domes and Antique Clock
    Vignette of Collectables including Antique English Dessert Trolley and Silver Meat Domes

  • Brown and White Modern Foyer
    Brown and White Modern Foyer With Jackie O. Portrait

  • Modern White Hallway With Art and Neutral Chair
    Modern White Hallway Features Bold Art

  • Modern Bathroom With Wood Vanities, Yellow Wall and Glass Shower
    Retro Mod Bathroom With Yellow Accent Wall

  • Gray Living Room with Contemporary Fireplace
    Contemporary Gray Living Room with Assymetric Accent Wall

  • White Country Room With Black and White Desk and Chest
    Patterned Black and White Chest Pops in White Room

  • Dark Library With White Wood Chair and Vintage Desk
    Traditional Desk Area With White Chair and Red Area Rug

  • Neutral Victorian Bedroom With Chandelier, Headboard, Furniture
    Neutral Victorian Bedroom With Ornate Headboard and Chandelier

  • Contemporary Dining Room With Glass Table
    Bold Art in Contemporary Dining Room

  • Patterned hallway
    Hallway Lined With Colorful, Avant-Garde Artwork

  • Uncle Sam Portrait and Black Table
    Uncle Sam Portrait and Glossy Black Table

  • Eighteenth Century Framed Portraits Above Doorway
    Antique Portraits and Wrought Iron Pendant Light

  • Mediterranean Family Room With Fireplace, Ceiling Beams, Neutral Color
    Neutral Family Room Features Stunning Architecture

  • Pop Art Chairman Mao
    Pop Art Chairman Mao and Yellow Calla Lilies

  • Gray and Blue Living Space With Wood Loft and Music Area
    Eclectic Loft With Blue Music Studio Space

  • White Contemporary Dining Room Sideboard With Green Interior
    White Contemporary Kitchen With Built-In Sideboard and Bottlecap Mosaic Artwork

  • White Bathtub With Blue Accessories & Hexagon Tile Floor
    Freestanding Bathtub