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  • The archway terraces of a villa home overlooking a courtyard pool
    A Villa Courtyard Terrace is Decorated With Subtle Pool Furnishings

  • Traditional Swimming Pool With Pergola, Limestone Patio
    Traditional Swimming Pool is Elegant, Relaxing

  • Multi-Level Terrace with Pool, Pergola and Seating Areas
    Multi-Level Terrace Enertaining Space with Pool, Pergola and Seating Areas

  • A courtyard terrace overlooks a swimming pool
    A Courtyard Terrace With Pillared Archways Overlooks A Garden Swimming Pool

  • Covered Seaside Terrace
    Covered Terrace, Pool Deck Offer Variety of Opportunities for Outdoor Enjoyment

  • A terrace and swimming pool
    A Formal Stone Terrace

  • Terrace With Pool and TV
    Contemporary Terrace With Fireplace

  • Urban Terrace
    Urban Terrace With Lantern

  • Villa Exterior and Terraces
    Villa Exterior and Terraces

  • Terraced Garden and Fountain
    Terraced Garden With Fountain

  • A backyard paradise featuring a swimming pool with terraced gardens.
    Backyard Paradise; Terraced Garden

  • Contemporary Bedroom With Pool Access
    Sleek Bedroom With Terrace View

  • Terrace With Sunset View
    Modern Terrace With Sunset View

  • traditional terrace at sunset
    Fairytale Terrace at Golden Hour

  • Contemporary Back Patio
    A Serene, Contemporary Backyard Terrace

  • Patio with view of infinity pool and California hills.
    Terrace Maximizes Awesome Backyard View

  • Pink Mediterranean Terrace
    Pink Mediterranean Terrace with Fountain