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  • artemesia

  • artemesia
    Fish Pond

  • Oversized Pond on Patio
    Oversized Pond on Patio

  • rustic outdoor space
    Pond Offers Additional Ambiance

  • Traditional Pond with Aquatic Garden
    Pond with Aquatic Plants

  • Pond shelter net for keeping leaves out
    Pond Netting

  • Patio Overlooking Pond
    Patio Overlooking Koi Pond

  • Koi Pond and Waterfall
    Koi Pond With Waterfall

  • Detail of Traditional Koi Pond With Fountain Wall
    Closeup of Koi Pond

  • Pond in Front of Modern Beach Home
    Tranquil Lily Pond

  • Waterfall Flowing Over Rock Retaining Wall Into Pond
    Cascading Waterfall & Manmade Pond

  • Pond and Cabin
    Pond and Cabin Exterior

  • Rectangular Coy Pond in Front of Window and Patio
    Rectangular Coy Pond

  • Boulder Water Feature
    Serene Pond With Bridge

  • Pond and Fountain
    Pond With Fountain

  • Pond Waterfall
    Koi Pond Waterfall

  • A lot of gardening seems to come down to trees.
    Midsummer Day's Dream - Pond

  • Ideas for plantings around your swimming pool borders
    Lap Pool and Natural Pond