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  • Spanish Courtyard Patio With Tree and Outdoor Seating
    Spanish Courtyard Patio

  • Dining Room with Lounge Feel
    Serpentine Banquettes and Plush Furniture Give Dining Room a Lounge Feel

  • contemporary sitting area with fire pit
    Sitting Area Enlivened By Blue Accents

  • Contemporary Family Room With Stone Fireplace and Brown Sofa
    Cozy, Contemporary Family Room Features Fireplace & Piano

  • Neutral Sitting Area With Wood Desk and Chair
    Cozy Sitting Room With Blue and Teal Patterned Curtains

  • contemporary outdoor space
    Outdoor Lounge Overlooks Scenic Lake

  • Gray Contemporary Master Bedroom
    Plush, Pastel Blue Comforter, Velvet Navy Armchair and Contemporary Workspace in Master Bedroom

  • Victorian Bedroom
    Victorian Bedroom With Gold Chairs

  • Traditional Library With Red Leather Chair and Marble Fireplace
    Library With Red Leather Chair

  • Blue Kid's Room With Guitars
    Blue Contemporary Kid's Room With Guitars

  • Dining Room With Contemporary Lighting
    Contemporary Dining With Fantastic Lighting

  • Italian-Style Master Bedroom
    Italian-Style Master Bedroom Sitting Area

  • Art Studio in the Back Yard
    Back Yard Art Studio

  • Bedroom With Striped Chair
    Neutral Country Bedroom With Striped Chair

  • Red Chairs in Contemporary Living Room
    Contemporary Living Room With Red Chairs

  • Rattan swing chair
    Rattan Swing Chair With Bohemian Accents

  • Sitting Room With Fireplace
    Sitting Room With Fireplace and Chair

  • Rustic Living Room
    Rustic Living Room With Red Chairs