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  • Play Space Denoted By Chalk Paint
    Chalk Paint Outlines Play Space

  • Neutral Living Room with Display Space
    Display Space in Neutral Living Room

  • Stylish Display Space with metal Shelves
    Metal Shelves Add Stylish Display Space

  • Reclaimed Wood Shelves
    Built-In Shelves Provide Stylish Display Space

  • Basement Playroom with Creative Play Space
    Creative Play Space in Basement Playroom

  • Storage and Display Space Added with Bookshelves
    Bookshelves Add Storage and Display Space

  • Gray and Blue Walk-In Closet With Two Chandeliers
    Luxurious Walk-In Closet With Storage & Display Space

  • Kids and Dog Sitting in Doorway of Shed
    A Kid and Pet Friendly Outdoor Play Space

  • Modern Playroom With Windows, Craft Table and World Map Accent Wall
    Natural Light Fills Modern Kid's Play Space

  • Modern Playroom With Colorful Built-In Shelves and Cabinets
    Mod Kid's Play Space With World Map Accent Wall

  • Stylish Storage and Display Space in Foyer
    Console Table in Foyer Adds Stylish Storage and Display Space

  • Girls' Nursery with Tall Bookshelf for Storage and Display Space
    Tall Bookshelf Adds Storage and Display Space in This Girls' Nursery

  • Teal Living Space with Glass Display Shelves
    Glass Display Shelves in Teal Living Space

  • A Space for Work and Play

  • Green Space to Play and Sunken Trampoline in Side Yard
    Side Yard with Sunken Trampoline and Green Space to Play

  • Modern Brown Powder Room
    Intimate Powder Room Plays With Limited Light, Space

  • Black and Neutral Place Setting
    Creating a Wintry Luxe Holiday Dining Space: Texture Play

  • Neutral Living Space with Built-In Shelves
    Built-In Shelves Add Storage and Display Options to Neutral Living Space