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  • Piano and Green Chair
    Piano With Green Chair

  • Red Room With Piano
    Traditional Red Piano Room

  • Modern Stairs and Piano
    Floating Stairs and Piano

  • Curved Stairs
    Curved Stairs and Piano

  • Green Living Room With Victorian Parlor Set, Piano, Pink Doors
    Historic Parlor With Piano

  • Piano and Shelf
    Piano and Shelf Desk

  • parlor with coffered ceilings
    Light-Filled Parlor With Piano

  • Black Grand Piano
    Grand Piano With Tufted Bench

  • Brick Wall and Piano
    Exposed Brick Wall and Piano

  • Contemporary Music Room
    Contemporary Music Room With Piano

  • Foyer, Stairs and Piano
    White Foyer, Stairway and Piano

  • Piano and Glass Table in Dining Room
    Contemporary Dining Room With Piano

  • Neutral Living Room With Piano
    Traditional Living Room With Piano

  • A large open concept LA penthouse with a grand piano as a focal point.
    Living Room Space - Grand Piano

  • Traditional Room With Piano
    Traditional Neutral Room With Piano

  • Great Room With Piano
    Traditional Great Room With Piano

  • White Living Room
    White Living Room With Piano

  • Blue  Living Room With Piano
    Blue Contemporary Living Room With Piano