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  • Everpurse Phone Charger
    Everpurse Phone Charger

  • Table With a Record Player and Three Phones Charging
    Record Player On a Table Next To Phone Charging Station

  • plugging phone into PhoneSoap
    How to Disinfect Your Phone While It Charges

  • Chair as a Side Table
    Chair as a Side Table

  • UV sanitizer and phone charger
    Bacteria-Fighting UV Light for Your Phone

  • Tylt Vu Smartphone Stand
    Tylt Vu Smartphone Stand

  • floor lamp
    Ikea Varv Floor Lamp Featuring Wireless Charging Technology

  • SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone
    SpareOne Emergency Mobile Phone

  • Landline Phone
    Landline Phone

  • farmhouse-style kitchen with dual islands
    Second Island Features Farmhouse Sink

  • Snooze Alarm Clock
    Snooze Alarm Clock

  • contemporary chef's kitchen with dual islands
    Dual Kitchen Islands Equipped With Outlets

  • Mophie Juice Pack
    Mophie Juice Pack

  • Withings Aura
    Withings Aura

  • Concealable Power Station on Kitchen Island Countertop
    Concealable Power Station Turns Kitchen Island Into Workspace

  • Solar-Powered Outdoor Audio Speakers
    Solar-Powered Outdoor Audio Speakers