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  • Blue Foyer With Black & White Stairs, Metallic Pendant
    Peacock Blue Foyer

  • Blue Bookshelf With Gold Backdrop, Sculpture, Candles
    Peacock Blue Bookshelf With Gold Interior

  • Blue and White Transitional Bedroom
    White Bedroom with Peacock Blue Partition

  • Overview of Multipurpose Room
    Overview of Multipurpose Room in Peacock Blue

  • Dining Room with Peacock Blue Walls
    Contemporary Dining Room With Peacock Blue Walls

  • Transitional Guest Bedroom
    Transitional Guest Room with Peacock Blue Accents

  • Christmas tree decorated with deep purple, peacock and gold.
    Christmas Tree Decorated in Deep Purple and Peacock Blue Creates Drama

  • Blue Kitchen Cabinets
    Open Plan Kitchen With Blue Cabinets

  • Peacock Hues

  • Sitting Area With Blue Velvet Chair
    Gray Sitting Area With Blue Velvet Chair

  • Layered Shades of Blue in Master Bedroom
    Layered Blues

  • Blue Art Deco Sitting Room
    Blue Art Deco Sitting Room With Peacock Rug

  • Eclectic Blue Kitchen with Peacock Ceiling Mural
    Eclectic Blue Kitchen with Peacock-Feather Ceiling Mural

  • Light Pink and Bright Blue Peacock Painting in Neutral Baby's Room
    Pink and Blue Peacock Artwork Adorns Nursery Wall

  • Transitional Bedroom With Blue Rug
    Transitional Bedroom With Blue Striped Pillows

  • Neutral Transitional Playroom
    Neutral, Transitional Playroom with Pop of Blue

  • Small, Dark Blue Bedroom With White Linens and Blue Pocket Door
    Dark Blue Apartment Bedroom With Pocket Doors

  • Living Room with Teal and Black Ceiling and Teal Sofa
    Contemporary Living Room With Blue and Black Ceiling