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  • traditional home with driveway
    Paved Driveway Protects Landscaping

  • courtyard with bluestone pavers
    Beautiful Bluestone-Paved Courtyard

  • formal garden with stone retaining wall
    Lanterns Illuminate Paved Walkway

  • contemporary outdoor space
    Paved Path Leads Through Tropical Garden

  • contemporary backyard with pool
    French Doors Open to Paved Deck

  • Custom Tabarka Tile Walkway
    Paved Walkway With Custom Tabarka Tile

  • contemporary patio
    Paved Patio Allows for Year-Round Entertaining

  • Stone Pavers in Lush Lawn With Surrounding Trees
    Stone Paver Walkway

  • Florida Paver Driveway
    Florida Paver Driveway

  • Modern Paver Design
    Modern Paver Design

  • Brick Paver Courtyard
    Brick Paver Courtyard

  • Curved Paver Pathway
    Curved Paver Pathway

  • building a playhouse
    Paving the Way

  • Patterned Paver Driveway
    Patterned Paver Driveway

  • Traditional Paver Driveway
    Traditional Paver Driveway

  • Grassy Paver Driveway
    Grassy Paver Driveway

  • Paul Williams Estate: Paved Courtyard and Poolhouse
    Paved Courtyard and Poolhouse at Paul Williams Estate

  • Stone Bridge & Walkway With Tall Lanterns
    Traditional Stone Paved Bridge and Walkway With Outdoor Lanterns