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  • Outdoor Stone Patio With Fireplace
    Patio Fireplace

  • Outdoor Patio
    Outdoor Patio

  • Spectacular Patio With Outdoor Seating
    Spectacular Patio

  • Covered Patio with stairs
    Covered Patio

  • Contemporary Patio With Potted Plants & Narrow Walkway
    Secluded Patio

  • Covered Patio With Sliding Door, Concrete Floors and Two Outdoor Seats
    Covered Patio

  • Garden Nook With Various Plants Bordered By Lush Green Grass
    Patio Garden

  • Punchy Patio

  • Modern Patio With Green Benches & Dark Wood Table
    Minimalist Patio

  • Patio Planter
    Patio Planter

  • A covered patio and trellis with dining area.
    Covered Patio

  • Screened-In Porch And Traditional Patio
    Traditional Patio

  • Exterior of Cape Cod With Three Dormers, Stone Patio
    Cape Cod Patio With Cozy Patio Seating

  • Modern Outdoor Furniture On Patio
    Modern Tropical Patio

  • Panoramic Patio Views
    Panoramic Patio Views

  • Patio Over Bay
    Patio Over Bay

  • Southwestern Stone Patio
    Southwestern Stone Patio

  • Wood Door Opens to Ivy-Covered Patio With Tumbled Marble Decking
    Ivy-Covered Patio