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  • Asian Blue Bedroom
    Asian Blue Bedroom With Gold-Paneled Headboard

  • White Modern Bedroom
    White Modern Bedroom With Leather Panel Headboard

  • Upholstered Panels on Wood Headboard with Mounted Sconce
    Wood and Upholstered Panel Headboard with Mounted Sconce

  • Neutral Bedroom With Distressed Dresser, Floral Panels, Two Doors
    Wall Panels Create Illusion of Headboard

  • Bedroom With Drapes as Headboard
    Bedroom With Drapery Panels Instead of Headboard

  • Master Bed Closeup
    After: Mater Bedroom Details

  • White Contemporary Bedroom
    Bright, Contemporary Bedroom With Purple-Gray Accent Wall, Tufted White Headboard and Mirror Wall Paneling

  • Bedroom With Vine Headboard
    Neutral Bedroom With Vine Headboard

  • Green Bedroom With Bohemian Headboard, White Linens, Gray Valance
    Decorative Jali Screen as Headboard

  • Navy-Blue Bedroom With Three Framed Panels Behind Neutral Headboard
    Hand-Painted Wallpaper Panels in Bedroom

  • Gray Bedroom With Upholstered Panels
    Gray Contemporary Bedroom With Upholstered Panels

  • Gray Contemporary Master Bedroom
    Gray Contemporary Master Bedroom With Paneling

  • Elegant Master Suite With Neutral Upholstered Headboard
    Upholstered Headboard in Neutral Master Suite

  • White Cottage Bedroom With Headboard
    White Cottage Bedroom With Tufted Headboard

  • Blue Bedroom With Two Beds and White Headboards
    Built-In Headboards Highlight Matching Beds

  • Oversized Headboard With Graphic Cushions, Layered Throw Pillows
    Plush, Patterned Headboard Adds Visual Interest

  • Eclectic Bedroom With Curved Rustic Headboard
    Eclectic Bedroom With Rustic Upholstered Headboard

  • Eclectic Patterned Bed Close-Up
    Eclectic Patterned Headboard and Throw Pillows