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  • Neutral Living Room With Art Above Couch and Tall Houseplant
    Grid of Painted Canvases Above Couch

  • Oversize Painted Canvas Hanging Above Sofa
    Oversize Painted Canvas Hanging Above Sofa

  • Brown Foyer with White Chaise and Hardwood Brown Floor
    Brown Victorian Foyer with White Chaise

  • Contemporary Breakfast Dining Area
    Contemporary Breakfast Nook With Round Dining Table

  • Neutral living room with contemporary furnishings and pops of color.
    Contemporary Living Room in Neutral Tones With Bursts of Pink and Orange

  • Picnic Baskets on Blanket
    Picnic Blanket for Winter Outing

  • Living Room With Pink Armchair
    Transitional Living Room With Pink Armchair

  • Traditional Study With Map on Ceiling, Chandelier, Wood Paneling
    Formal Study With Hand-Painted Map on Ceiling

  • Artistic Mix Masters

  • Light Green Living Room With Gray Sectional, Dark Brown Coffee Table
    Tylor and Cris' Finished Transitional Living Room

  • Neutral and Purple Transitional Living Room
    Transitional Neutral and Purple Living Room With Graphic Rug

  • A Canvas Drop Cloth Tree Skirt Beneath a Christmas Tree
    A Striped Canvas Tree Skirt Made From a Drop Cloth

  • Eclectic Dining Room With Canvas Painting and Crystal Chandelier
    Crystal Chandelier in Eclectic Dining Room

  • A Christmas Tree Surrounded by a Striped Canvas Tree Skirt
    A Striped Tree Skirt Made from a Recycled Drop Cloth

  • White Bedroom With Black Lampshade Pendant Light and Gray Accent Wall
    Contemporary Bedroom With Lampshade Pendant Light

  • Kids' Yellow Room With White Bed, Yellow Plaid Pillow and Kid Art
    Kid Art Adds Personalized Touch to Delightful Girls' Room

  • White Kitchen with Brown Wooden Table, Blue Cabinets and Stools
    White Rustic Kitchen with Brown Wooden Table

  • Hands Painting Stocking With Sponge
    Hand-Painted Swiss Cross Stocking