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  • Painted Kitchen Countertop
    Painted Kitchen Countertop

  • Acorns are painted blue, green, slate and aqua.
    Make Painted Acorns

  • Aluminum Paint Cans With Floral Arrangement
    Dripping Paint Buckets

  • White Cardstock and Plate with Mint, Yellow,
    Cardstock and Paint

  • hand wrapping bottom half of wood sphere with blue painter's tape
    Painted Wooden Spheres

  • Trio of Glass Kitchen Canisters
    Painted Kitchen Canisters

  • Magic of Paint

  • hand removing blue tape from wood sphere ornament
    Painted Wooden Spheres

  • Painted Portrait in Ornate Gold Frame
    Victorian Framed Painting

  • Mediterranean Armoire With Painted Landscape
    Hand Painted Armoire

  • Tray Ceiling Painted With Blue Paint for a Wet-Look Effect
    Painted Tray Ceiling

  • Kid Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Party
    Paint Palette Decoration

  • Silver Fern Shade Perennial
    Japanese Painted Fern

  • Artist Creates a Live Painting of a Sunny Wedding Reception
    Live Wedding Painting

  • Chandelier
    Chandelier and Painting

  • wood sphere ornaments displayed on mini twig Christmas tree
    Painted Wooden Spheres

  • wood sphere ornmanets displayed on twig mini Christmas tree
    Painted Wooden Spheres

  • Professional Pet Painting
    Professional Cat Painting