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  • Transitional Outdoor Living Space With Pool, Spa, Kitchen & Bar
    Luxurious Outdoor Living Space Features LED Glowing Pool & Spa, Outdoor Bar, Fireplace & Kitchen

  • Rustic Cabana with Outdoor Curtains Overlooking Swimming Pool
    Wood-Beamed Cabana with Outdoor Fireplace

  • Contemporary Outdoor Living Room
    Outdoor Living Room With Display Shelves

  • A lounge area with a sofa and televisions
    A Covered Outdoor Lounge For Entertaining

  • Oak barrels made into seats
    Outdoor Theater With Repurposed Wood Barrel Seating

  • Outdoor Kitchen With Colorful Backsplash, TV, Grill and Range Hood
    Outdoor Kitchen Complete With Grill and TV

  • Cream & Purple Outdoor Room With Flatscreen TV, Benches & Pillows
    Outdoor Entertainment Pavilion With Colorful Storage Benches

  • Contemporary Outdoor Living Room
    Outdoor Living Room With Stone Fireplace and Chimney, Wicker Furniture and Green Accent Throw Pillows

  • Flat Screen TV Wiring Concealed in Wood-burning Fireplace
    Wood-burning Fireplace Warms Outdoor Living Room While Concealing Wiring for a Flat Screen TV

  • Cabana Lounge
    Cabana Lounge With TV

  • Gray Art Deco Master Bedroom
    Gray Art Deco Master Bedroom and Patio

  • Bedroom With Striped Bench
    Neutral Bedroom With Striped Bench

  • Cabinet and Palm Trees
    Sleek and Organized

  • White Transitional Living Room With Chandelier and Neutral Furniture
    Open, Sophisticated Living Room

  • Round Wooden Table Sits Beside Windows With View Of The Outdoor Patio
    Round Wooden Table With Views To The Veranda

  • Family Room With Leather Sectional Sofa
    French Doors Offer Smooth Connection Between Family Room, Backyard Patio

  • Contemporary Living and Dining Room With TVs
    Open Plan Contemporary Living and Dining Room

  • Modern Neutral Living Space
    Window Wall With Breathtaking View From Modern, Open Design Living Space With Warm Wood Details and Black and Gray Decor