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  • Chairs Around Fire Pit
    Outdoor Oasis

  • View of Tree-Shaded Backyard With Swimming Pool and Patio
    Outdoor Oasis

  • Backyard Has Spacious Patio and Outdoor Dining Area
    Outdoor Oasis

  • Chicken Coop and Art Studio in Back Yard
    Outdoor Oasis

  • Pool and Covered Patio
    Outdoor Oasis

  • Contemporary Outdoor Oasis
    Contemporary Outdoor Oasis

  • Backyard With Gray Deck
    Neutral Outdoor Oasis

  • Minimal Modern Backyard
    Modern Outdoor Oasis

  • Copper Fire Pit in Outdoor Room
    Tranquil Outdoor Oasis

  • An Outdoor Oasis

  • Contemporary Deck With Infinity Pool, Green Sofa & Dining Area
    An Outdoor Oasis

  • Add a sculptural element in your backyard by adding a modern stairs.
    Outdoor Oasis; Stairs

  • A beautiful water bell fountain enjoyed from any area of the patio.
    Outdoor Oasis; Fountain

  • An outdoor fireplace creates a dramatic focal point in any backyard.
    Outdoor Oasis; Outdoor Fireplace

  • This patio features cascading steps, outdoor kitchen and bar area.
    Outdoor Oasis; Lower Patio

  • Lighting throughout the patio and landscape creates a luxurious feel.
    Outdoor Oasis; Exterior Lighting

  • Outdoor Living Space With Pond and Waterfall
    Outdoor Oasis With Waterfall

  • This elevated patio is grounded with a see-through fireplace.
    Outdoor Oasis: Elevated Patio